BECAUSE WE ALL SLEEP… we are each divided into two minds: conscious and unconscious – into our rock-solid belief that the world is rational, versus our dreamlike experience of life as timeless, mythic, ever-changing form, unbounded by reason or logic. For the most part these two minds have found a way to coexist in you, but what few of us realize is that your unconscious mind does not shut off just because you wake up in the morning.

In fact, it is ALWAYS active, running like a parallel operating system – organizing the events of your life (calling in conflicts and villains, arranging predicaments) to fulfill story-patterns that have always taught humans their most important life lessons. And all of your daily dramas only appear to you as random, because you remain unaware of this other operating system and its intent.

In this sense, each of us becomes the newest actor within a cycle of plays that have been mounted and remounted thousands of times since the beginning of mankind’s adventure here. It is these stories, these myths, these ever-recurring struggles that describe every human life, and lay the foundation for understanding your own. Why have I come here? What is my purpose? Have I become all that I was meant to be?

After 20 years as a dramatist and screenwriter, Ric Gibbs made a startling discovery: the myths and heroes that were underlying his fictional characters, were showing up – often vividly – in the lives of his friends as well. Right down to their plot points and key reversals, their adversaries and life-changing recognitions!

Quick, Where’s My Cape? is a riveting exploration not just of superheroes, but of how, and when, and in what hidden guises these stories show up in our lives, and the steps we can take to activate them – to draw sword from stone – and live the lives we are meant to achieve.