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Why I wrote ‘Quick, Where’s My Cape?’

QUICK, WHERE’S MY CAPE? by Ric Gibbs, Mythmaker Films & Media, Los Angeles California, 2017. SELF-HELP/Personal Growth Some time ago I began casting about for a book idea big enough to encompass the many lessons of in my twenty-five years of travel, human observation, and professional storytelling. At the same time, I was nagged by a strange and growing recognition […]

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Fairytales, Real Life, and Baseball

For the past several months, I’ve been writing a book about how certain myths recur again and again in the lives of men. And how each of us are unconsciously recreating these stories, through the characters and content of our seemingly ordinary lives. Most times, this underlying architecture is pretty hard to see. But occasionally, it makes itself obvious. As […]

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McHenry’s Guide to Treasure Hunting

Smuggler and scoundrel, a man used to hit & run opportunism and flying under the radar – the last thing Wyatt McHenry wanted was to find himself dragged into a lopsided war, by a do-good American female hell bent on saving a nation! But that’s exactly what happens in this rip roaring and calamitous misadventure, set in a tiny Asian […]

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