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Edge of Tomorrow 2014

 FILM: EDGE OF TOMORROW Director: Doug Liman Writers: Christopher McQuarrie and Jez & John-Henry Butterworth, based on the novel “All You Need Is Kill,” by Hiroshi Sakurazaka Starring: Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt A few weeks ago, a friend suggested we take in this summer’s latest Tom Cruise offering, “Edge of Tomorrow.” I had seen the trailer and was pretty […]

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Chef (2014) – Film Analysis

FILM: CHEF Director: Jon Favreau Writer: Jon Favreau Starring: Jon Favreau, John Leguizamo, Emjay Anthony, Sofía Vergara. Lessons from the Kitchen Anyone who loves good food and great music will love “Chef,” so we can dispense with the review. This column isn’t about film reviews. It’s about why things work on screen and how they do it. Written, directed and […]

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Godzilla 2014 – Film Analysis

FILM REVIEW: GODZILLA 2014 Director: Gareth Edwards Screenplay: Max Borenstein; Story: Dave Callahan Starring: Aaron Taylor-Johnson; Elizabeth Olsen, Bryan Cranston & Ken Watanabe reviewed 5/16/14 by Ric Gibbs “World Destroyer or Empty Rubber Suit?” First off, I am a tremendous fan of the big guy. I was a Godzilla fan, just like I was a dinosaur fan, loved dinosaur bones […]

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