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Zoe 2018

Zoe 2018 – Sci-Fi / Drama / Love Story / A.I.  screenplay: Rich Greenberg, Director: Drake Doremus, Producers: Ridley Scott, Lawrence Bender While reviews for Zoe 2018 are mixed (some are even poor!) I believe this is a film that has been sadly underestimated. Its ratings have been skewed by a small number of cranks on ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ who must […]

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MARS (TV Series) Opens Another World

The wave of remarkable new television continues – unexpectedly – with Nat Geo’s 6 part miniseries “Mars.” The series, which also runs on FX, tells the story of our first manned mission to Mars in 2033. The fact that the series sidesteps the usual hokeyness of the future sci-fi genre is already impressive, but what really breaks new ground is […]

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Is television the real heavyweight?

“It’s no secret to anyone that most, if not all, the top writing talent has fled motion picture for television.” Especially to cable television, which has enjoyed its finest years ever, beginning by my count, when HBO debuted The Sopranos, and rolled out the welcome mat for writers who were sick of being second-guessed by network executives and focus groups. […]

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