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Practical, ‘how to’ posts for students & emerging tv creators, plus interviews with top producers, showrunners, and development executives.

3 Major Opportunities for new television creators

One of the questions I often face, as an instructor of television series development, is “how do I break into the business?” My first answer is: (1) start with a comprehensive, industry-focused education. And let’s assume this can be found near you. But then (2) next comes the challenge of landing that first professional commission or staff writing job on […]

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TV Series Development at UCLA

What is tv series development? And why it could be more useful to you than a tv screenwriting class. “Tell me about this tv series development workshop you’re teaching. Why would I want to take it?” Ric Gibbs: Anyone can tell you that the growth in scripted television series has skyrocketed recently. That means the growth in job opportunities for […]

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Zoe 2018

Zoe 2018 – Sci-Fi / Drama / Love Story / A.I.  screenplay: Rich Greenberg, Director: Drake Doremus, Producers: Ridley Scott, Lawrence Bender While reviews for Zoe 2018 are mixed (some are even poor!) I believe this is a film that has been sadly underestimated. Its ratings have been skewed by a small number of cranks on ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ who must […]

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Why Character is Everything in Screenwriting

Next month (April and again in June) I am teaching a class in Story Analysis at UCLA Extension. Teaching has given me a chance to revisit some of the most important lessons I’ve learned in 20+ years of screenwriting, and foremost on that list are the principles of CHARACTER. “A story starts with a character” – Frank Daniel Although screenwriters […]

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