New Television Development Workshop

In September 2019, my signature workshop returns for 10 weeks at UCLA Extension: Television Series Development Workshop (FILM TV X-423).

What’s my logline for this class?

This is an advanced, in depth workshop that lays out all of the major components for a successful television series and how to achieve them. Scripted series only.  Here’s a quick look at the course (2 min):

We will be learning to create the same caliber of professional PITCH that I use (and hundreds of other WGA writers and producers use) to sell our shows to networks, every season.

This course will take you from raw idea, through world-building, the creation of complex characters, backstories, and ongoing conflicts – to the kinds of visual elements and high quality presentations that buyers want to see.

And we’ll do it all as a workshop, with help at every stage, and no soldier left behind.

This is exactly the course I wish had been available when I was in film school and goes to the heart of envisioning a complete television series, not just its pilot episode. I cannot think of a more valuable skill in media than learning how to package and present your vision to the people who can make it happen.

See you in September!