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After 20 years as a dramatist and screenwriter, Ric Gibbs made a startling discovery: the myths and heroes that were underlying his fictional characters, were inhabiting his real life as well. Quick, Where’s My Cape? is a riveting exploration of the unconscious stories that shape our lives, and the steps we can take to draw power from them – to draw sword from stone, as it were – and live the lives we are meant to live.

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McHenry's Guide to Treasure Hunting_cover image The last thing Wyatt McHenry wanted was to find himself dragged into a lopsided war, by a do-good American female hell bent on saving a nation! But that’s exactly what happens in this calamitous misadventure. Part romance, part thumb-in-your-eye rivalry, McHenry’s Guide to Treasure Hunting is full-on adventure, both hilarious and deeply felt. Genre: Adventure, with a strong dose of romance and hilarity.

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Based on a true story of a young woman’s extraordinary odyssey through the underworld of sex slavery, and the young man who becomes entangled with her. Ric Gibbs’ first novel explores a hard hitting world that exists right under our noses.

Genre: Mystery, Romance.

Coming in 2019.


I had the pleasure of representing Ric Gibbs during my years at ICM. His grasp of story and dialogue is masterful.

Nicole Clemens, President, Paramount Television

Courageous writing, unforgettable characters. He has a deep understanding of his craft and the business.

Matt King, Warner Bros Television

From Ric Gibbs I learned the power of story, character, and myth. He is truly one of the most influential writers I know.

Adi Hasak, Creator & Exec Producer of "Eyewitness" on USA Television and "Shades of Blue" on NBC.

Extremely creative. A real pleasure to work with him.

Alan Gasmer, Exec Producer "Vikings" on the History Channel

Ric is a terrific writer. Highly imaginative. Has an ability to pull you deep inside his world.

Stephen Levinson, Exec Producer HBO's "Ballers," "Boardwalk Empire" and "Entourage."


Ric Gibbs

Author, filmmaker, and educator based in Los Angeles, California. During a twenty-five year career in film and television, Gibbs has written for such well known producers as Mark Wahlberg & Stephen Levinson, Jon Landau & James Cameron, Mel Gibson, Joel Silver, Gale Anne Hurd and Lawrence Bender. And for Paramount, Universal, Cinergi, USA, Fox, NBC and Warner Bros Television.

He holds his MFA in film and television from Northwestern University and currently teaches in the Entertainment Studies program at UCLA, with a focus on developing original television series – an area of opportunity he calls, ‘the most exciting and dynamic storytelling of the new era.’ He is also a visiting lecturer at several American and international universities, where he conducts workshops in all manner of storytelling and dramatic formats.

In addition to his teaching and screen work, he has written two novels. His newest non-fiction work Quick, Where’s My Cape? is a practical guide to seeing how our most important story patterns – those we call myths – continue to express themselves in our creative work – and our everyday lives. (read more).

Feature Films

The Link

Voltage Pictures; Producer: Nicholas Chartier

The Adventures of Wyatt McHenry

Paramount Studios; Producers: Mark Wahlberg/Leverage & Mel Gibson/Icon

Day of the Dead

Producers: Grant Curtis/Ghost House & Adi Hasak

Shadow Conspiracy

Disney/Cinergi; Producer: Andrew Vanja

Triple Cross

Universal; Producer: Hal Lieberman




Life Without Borders

Real Life Adventure Series, in development


NBC / Fox Studios; Producers: Keri Selig & Craig Silverstein


Warner Bros Television; Producer: Joel Silver


USA Television

The Sante & Kenny Kimes Story

USA Television


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