Gap Year Challenge

Gap Year Challenge

Gap Year Challenge is an unscripted reality series that awards college tuition for the most imaginative, bold, transformative challenges that teams of gap year students can pull off in ten weeks.

Based on Xpedition.TV’s unique and proven model of creating Challenge Awards to motivate exploration, discovery and transformation, Gap Year Challenge is a real life adventure series aimed squarely at youth in their most pivotal year.

The age of 18. The age of maturity. The age of college, leaving home and self discovery. The most important turning point many of us will know.

It is a series built around a nationwide open challenge for college-bound teens to defer admission for one year, in order to undertake a difficult challenge in the world of outdoor adventure and exploration.

These will not be scripted challenges. These will be challenges of their own design, vetted and refined by seasoned experts, assured to test our teams in the ways most meaningful to them.